UNION COUNTY, N.C. — Wednesday, kids in several neighborhoods across the Charlotte area were given a morale boost as principals and teachers from several elementary schools held parades.

There were no floats or fancy decorations, just mascots and familiar faces. Kids we’re yelling their teacher’s names as they passed, while teachers were shouting, “I miss you so much!”

“Oh, it’s like amazing, unbelievable, they’ve all come out and made signs, I love it,” said Rea View Elementary art teacher Paige Lima.

We caught up with the Rea View Elementary school parade as it drove past the Hunter Oaks neighborhood clubhouse.

“We haven’t seen them in a long, long time,” said one student.

The school’s principal says the school was encouraging everyone to keep a safe six feet apart but to come to their driveways or the sidewalk for a chance to see their teachers.

“We miss them, we love them, and we just wanted to bring a bit of happiness and for them to see us and wave and to have a great time,” said principal Jeni Parker.

Across town, Kensington Elementary School was also hosting a parade. 

The school’s principal, Terry Vaughn Jr., was cruising through student’s neighborhoods in a neon green Camaro convertible, accompanied the school’s mascot.

Kids in the Carolinas given morale boost with teacher parade

Horns were honking, students, parents and teachers were all waving at each other, showing us all that while school buildings may be closed, lessons still continue -- kids viewing the parade learned how to persevere and find ways to keep your community together, even when apart. 


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