WAXHAW, N.C. -- Tempers flared at a Waxhaw town meeting Thursday evening after Waxhaw Town Manager Greg Ferguson abruptly ended it less than 10 minutes after it began.

Some residents are outraged because they say town leaders are not being transparent about potential plans to build a community college on what was supposed to be a major park.

“He assured us that we could ask questions and he would provide answers, it would be a Q&A session in addition to the presentation. That did not happen,” Timothy Bagdasarian said.

A group of about 40 went to the police department to discuss the future of 34 acres of green space in their neighborhood.

They said they were promised the land would be turned into a park, but town commissioners recently announced a feasibility study between Southern Piedmont Community College, Wingate and Waxhaw.

“Where is the transparency from our local government?” one man asked.

And while some residents accept the idea of a community college coming to their neighborhood, many others worry it would increase taxes and drive down property value.

In a statement Waxhaw's mayor said in part:

“It is unfortunate that some were heated. The intent is to allow all citizens and stakeholders to have an opportunity to share their input in a respectful and civil manner, so all can be heard.”

The mayor also told us neighbors would have a chance to weigh on over the next few months.

The feasibility study begins in January. A final decision will be made in the spring.