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84-year-old Dream Day winner goes skydiving

'You only live once' is Elinor Hadley's motto. And at 84, she continues to live up to her favorite saying.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- 'You only live once' is Elinor Hadley's motto. And at 84, she continues to live up to her favorite saying.

"She has always taught us to give anything a try," her son Will says. "You may not like it, you don't have to do it again. But you will never know until you try it."

Elinor is known throughout the Charlotte community for her enthusiasm and selflessness.

"Anytime we do a new calendar and it goes out, her name is the first on the sign-up sheet," says Cypress Club's Director of Community Life Services Teresa Wohlbruck.

It came as no surprise when Elinor was selected for a new adventure, she was all in.

Family, friends, co-workers or mentors can nominate someone in the Charlotte community they believe is deserving of a "dream day."

The mother of five is WCNC's latest Dream Day winner. When she learned she won, she also found out she would be given the opportunity to try something she had never done before: skydiving.

While some may believe skydiving is out of the question for someone in their 80's, Elinor disagrees.

"You're never too old. So try, try everything you can think of," Elinor says. "I've been told I was nuts all my life so what else is new."

With her children and grandchildren watching, Elinor took a leap of faith at Paraclete SP SkyVenture, an indoor skydiving center which offers large wind tunnels to simulate the skydiving experience.

With the assistance of a couple instructors, Elinor mastered the wind tunnel.

"It was a wonderful adventure, I loved it."

And the experience didn't just bring joy to Elinor, her kids and the instructors loved being a part of it too.

"I hope that she comes back and flies more," said one of the instructors. "We love giving that experience to people, especially like her."