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Mom of 7 gets huge Dream Day surprise

Second-grade teacher Jennifer Barbee thought it was a regular day at East Albemarle Elementary.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Second-grade teacher Jennifer Barbee thought it was a regular day at East Albemarle Elementary.

"I became a teacher because I wanted to be a positive influence on the lives of children,” said Barbee. “Unfortunately, sometimes that [influence] is lacking in their lives.”

The mother of seven had no idea she was about to get a “Dream Day” off from school to experience a day of beauty in uptown Charlotte.

"There are stresses when you are working in a high poverty school but it's also such a high reward," Barbee said.

Barbee was teaching her class when students started bringing her flowers, one by one. That's when she knew it was not a typical day.

The principal of the school, along with Barbee's husband and friend, interrupted the class with the announcement.

A few weeks later, Barbee and her friend headed to uptown Charlotte for a day of beauty. The whirlwind afternoon included a manicure and pedicure at The Daily Details Salon. Then they did a little shopping at Lotus Boutique.

Of course, all of that pampering works up an appetite. George's Brasserie was the perfect stop for lunch.

Another surprise was in store for Barbee while she had a day of pampering. While she was out of town for the afternoon, there were crews of people working to transform her laundry room.

Carolina Closet Creations was leading the transformation along with a host of organizers and designers.

BK Paints, Balance and Harmony, Your Life Well Organized and AbleAnnie Organizing all joined creative forces to develop a plan that would work for this busy family.

Stanly Appliance contributed with a new washer and dryer for the Barbees with a much larger capacity than the old pair. The Barbees say being able to wash more at once will make a big difference in how long they have to do laundry.

Finishing decorative touches from Black Lion made the old basement look truly inviting, and Target threw in a $100 gift card.

"She does so much for so many she doesn't even know how special she is," says her friend Fran Andrews, who nominated Barbee.

Barbee arrived home from her day of beauty to find dozens of people in her front yard, anxious to surprise her yet again.

NBC Charlotte anchor Beth Troutman was live for the surprise. Watch it below.

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