1. A couple who pledged allegiance to the Moorish Nation were arrested for squatting in a multimillion-dollar home belonging to the family of Davidson's mayor

The house, down a private drive on a grassy hill, is one Davidson Mayor Rusty Knox and his sister Beth once called their parents' home.

Police say Turmaine Thorne and Taqiyah Barber used a Hide A Key to get into the home. Within a few hours, they had unpacked a U-Haul and moved in.

The home has been empty for the last year, so the siblings were surprised when someone the didn't sell it to or even know showed up with a moving van, found a key and moved in. 

"They had unloaded furniture in several rooms, everything was in disarray," Mayor Rusty Knox said.

2. 800,000 federal workers won't get paid as the shutdown reaches its 21st day

President Donald Trump is edging closer to declaring a national emergency to fund his long-promised border wall, as pressure mounts to find an escape hatch from the three-week impasse that has closed parts of the government, leaving hundreds of thousands of workers without pay.

Some 800,000 workers, more than half of them still on the job, were to miss their first paycheck on Friday under the stoppage, and Washington was close to setting a dubious record for the longest government shutdown in the nation's history. Those markers — along with growing effects to national parks, food inspections and the economy overall — left some Republicans on Capitol Hill increasingly uncomfortable with Trump's demands.

Asked about the plight of those going without pay, the president shifted the focus, saying he felt badly "for people that have family members that have been killed" by criminals who came over the border.

Trump visited McAllen, Texas, and the Rio Grande on Thursday to highlight what he calls a crisis of drugs and crime. He said that "if for any reason we don't get this going" — an agreement with House Democrats who have refused to approve the $5.7 billion he demands for the wall — "I will declare a national emergency."

3. The mountains are gearing up for a winter storm this weekend

A cold weather pattern that's cooled the Carolinas is expected to bring snow, rain and ice to the region this weekend. 

Chief meteorologist Brad Panovich said the mountains could see 4-6 inches while the foothills and I-40 corridor could see 1-2 inches of snow. In Charlotte, Panovich expects mostly rain and snow mixed in before it becomes a cold rain with no snow accumulation. 

"Either way it looks like this initial batch of moisture probably could be a little snow or sleet on Saturday," Panovich said. However, he did say this storm system is tracking a little bit too far north. 

4. Lindsey Graham says President Trump should invoke his emergency powers to build the wall along the border with Mexico

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says it's time for President Donald Trump to invoke emergency powers to build the border wall with Mexico. 

The South Carolina senator said Thursday his efforts to broker an immigration compromise that could help end the partial government shutdown are "stuck."

Graham says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's refusal to negotiate the wall "virtually ends" Congress' ability to pass a bill to fund it. Now, he says, "it is time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction" of a border wall or barrier.

“I hope it works," he added.

5. A Lenoir man was reunited with his dog nearly two months after he was stolen from his backyard

Manuel Martinez says he's never letting Jack out of his sight again. Martinez said the pit bull was given to a woman who called police after seeing he had been stolen on the news. 

Police followed every scent in the neighborhood, even finding surveillance video from across the street that captured the moment Jack was taken from Martinez's fenced-in yard. 

While Lenoir police maintain this is an isolated incident, Martinez believes the theft is a result of what he calls the rapidly growing dogfighting industry in the area.