EDITOR'S NOTE: In an earlier version of this story NBC Charlotte showed a photo that misidentified the victim. The photo has been removed along with the video. We apologize for this error.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NBC Charlotte learned new details Friday about the deadly shooting of a mother in west Charlotte.

Police said Jonathan Bennett murdered Brittany White on Thursday and took their infant child. Fortunately, the two-month-old child was found safe a short time later at Bennett's grandmother’s house. Bennett was later killed in a shootout with police uptown.

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Now neighbors are shedding light about the couple's relationship and police incidents in the past.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police said officers responded to the home on Carlyle Drive four times last year, three were assault calls. However, no one expected the situation to take the tragic turn that it did.

Just hours after a friendly exchange between neighbors came a deadly encounter between the parents. Vincent Tillery said he saw Bennett the day of the murder.

bennett crop_1515704762601.png.jpg
Photo: CMPD

“He waved and I waved,” said Tillery. “I still can’t put my mind around it, because I was just talking to this man.”

However, Tillery said he’d seen signs of trouble in the past.

“I’ve just seen the results of an argument like police will come over, or he’d jump in the truck and leave,” said Tillery.

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On Friday, people outside the home didn’t want to talk to NBC Charlotte about what happened.

“At least he made sure the child was safe and out of the line of fire, just the three-year-old left behind,” said Tillery.

Police found the three-year-old in the home along near White’s body. Now others are trying to answer the question that remains, why?

“Nobody really knows, but them and God,” says Tillery.