CHARLOTTE, N.C. - After a mass child predator bust, the Lincolnton police department put out a warning for parents Wednesday.

Detectives say 1 in 5 children in the Charlotte area are being targeted online at any given moment.
“The stuff goes on like you would not believe,” detective Brent Heavner said.

“Parents are naïve to this. I'm telling you it's real, it's happening every day, every single day, every minute of the day.”

Department numbers also show 20% of children fall in to the trap of 'sextortion,' and send explicit photos to strangers.

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“I would advise no phones or tablets or computers in the child's bedroom,” Heavner said.

“Parents need to be aware that this is really happening. It’s getting worse.”

Heavner also warned that the social media apps ‘Snapchat’ and ‘Kik’ are most frequently used by predators.