CHARLOTTE, N.C. – NBC Charlotte is putting you on alert after a scary situation in northwest Charlotte.

Police say a 10-year-old girl was in her kitchen when a masked man broke into her house. It happened on Interurban Avenue in the middle of the day. The girl was able to get out of her home safely and call the police.

The suspect, who didn’t leave with anything, remains on the loose. Now, neighbors are crediting that girl for her bravery.

Neighbors say it’s usually a quiet area. But on Monday, a child was reportedly screaming in the area.

“She screamed and that made the person, whoever it was, leave,” says neighbor Robin Ellerbe.

“I think she did a very excellent job, because in time of emergency you panic, fear, you don’t know, so very brave of her to call the police,” Ellerbe added.

The shocking crime happened at around 4 p.m.

“Police looked down the street, all behind the houses, but they couldn’t find him,” said another neighbor.

Off-camera, the girl’s mother says the 10-year-old is traumatized.

“I really hate that that happened to her because she’s a sweet little girl,” says Ellerbe.

The girl was not physically hurt. It’s an ongoing investigation.