AMHERST, NY-- Amherst Police say thieves stole 400 iPads from a Best Buy store on Niagara Falls Boulevard.

Best Buy employees discovered the break-in when they showed up for their shifts around 6:30 Friday morning.

Amherst Police Detective Lieutenant Rick Walter says the crime was very well planned out and very well orchestrated.

"The suspects actually used a high lift type vehicle referred to as a sky lift which lifts workers to higher places. It was being used at a construction site close to Best Buy to get themselves onto the roof," says Walter.

From there, Walter says the thieves cut through the roof, then used a ladder to get into the store. Once there, they stole 400 iPads valued at more than $90,000.

He says the criminals likely cased the store and were inside up to an hour during the theft.

Police are still looking at surveillance video and recovered some evidence.

Walter says it definitely took more than one person to pull this off, and they may have had some practice.

"We don't feel it's an inside job at all. What we feel is it was very well planned, as a matter of fact, we're conferring with police departments in Erie, Pennsylvania. I just recently found out also that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania also had a very similar crime at a Best Buy. So we feel at this point that all three may possibly be related," says Walter.

Anyone with information is asked to call Amherst Detectives at 716-689-1342.