CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say over the past nine years they have received several leads but never the one to crack the cold case of 24-year-old Kyle Fleischmann, a college graduate, hard worker and good son, according to those who knew him.

"It's a true missing persons case; we really don't know what happened to Kyle that evening," said detectives.

This case dates back nearly nine years ago to November 8 of 2007.

Police say Fleischmann was last seen on camera walking away from the Buckhead Saloon on East 5th Street in uptown around 2:20 that early morning.

As soon as Fleischmann walked out of security camera range, that would be the last time anyone would see him.

"We do believe that something bad has happened to Kyle, because his lack of contact with his family, his relationships that he had, and his commitment at work and to his friends," investigators say.

CMPD says it has received new leads on this case as recently as this year but they keep ending up at dead ends.

There is no official crime scene or hard evidence in this case.

Police do say Fleischmann left his jacket and debit card at the bar the night he disappeared, but that's nothing that would send up a red flag.

Still, even nine years later, police are pleading to the public for help.

"If there's anything remotely related to Kyle's disappearance that evening that someone may have experienced, we do ask that they do come forward and talk with police and reveal what they do know," police told NBC Charlotte.

There is a $50,000.00 reward for anyone with information leading to Fleischmann's whereabouts.