CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A shocking robbery and shooting took place in west Charlotte, all in an apparent effort to steal a man's hoverboard.

Police say the 45-year-old victim was shot in the head and taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

No one has been arrested in the case at this point, according to police. Now people in the area are asking one big question: why do this over a hoverboard?

“All over a hoverboard, something that maybe costs $100, $200," said Leonard Crowder. "It’s unfortunate.”

The crime happened around 4:30 a.m. Monday near several schools, including Ashley Park Elementary School. It comes as Crowder says he’s trying to improve the area.

“I also am tired of the violence,” says Crowder.

Crowder hopes to work for a potential new business to provide children homes. It’s still in the permit process, but they’re preparing by fixing up the planned location.

“To get younger generation more involved," Crowder said. "To get them back in school."

The victim in the case was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Crowder hopes the neighborhood will soon be buzzing with new hope.

“This neighborhood, all the neighbors in this community will come together and support that man,” says Crowder. “And whoever did this, unfortunately, they’ll get what’s coming to them.”

If you have any information about the case, police ask that you call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.