YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- A mother is accused of engaging in sexual activities with a man and possessing drugs and needles in a car while her three children slept in the backseat.

Two deputies were dispatched to the 1900 block of Bobby Ray Road in Clover on December 29. When they arrived, they said they found a white 2010 Nissan Altima parked on the side of the road.

As the deputies approached the car, they saw a male driver identified as Steven Hicks and female passenger identified as Betsy Poarch engaging in sexual activity.

"The female had only a tank top shirt on and the male had his pants undone," the deputies said in their report. "We also observed three juveniles; two males and one female asleep in the back seat."

The deputies said as they were detaining Poarch and Hicks, they found other illegal substances.

Needles were found in the backseat of the vehicle, underneath one of the children's feet and another needle on the floorboard, authorities said. When the officials searched the car, they said they also found marijuana and one gram of methamphetamine.

When the deputies told Hicks and Poarch they were under arrest, they asked who was the parent of the children.

"The children all belonged to Ms. Poarch and Mr. Hick's is just a friend of Ms. Poarch's husband," deputies said. "The children were dirty, wearing dirty clothes, had dirt and old food all over their faces and one child had no shoes or socks on and was crying because he was so cold."

When Poarch was unable to give any names of a family member or guardian to get the children, child services was called.

"I was able to find some clothing to lay over the children and turned on the heat of the vehicle and rolled the windows up so they could stay warm, awaiting DSS's arrival," the reporting deputy said.

When one of the children became "hysterical," a deputy took Poarch out of the handcuffs to sit in the passenger seat and comfort the child. However, once child services arrived Poarch becaume non-compliant and would not let DSS take custody of the children, officials said.

Poarch had to have two sets of handcuffs placed on her as she continued to resist arrest, including falling to the floor and becoming "dead weight," deputies said. Authorities said she was taken to jail separately from Hicks as she began assaulting Hicks while they sat in the backseat of a patrol vehicle.

Poarch was charged with three counts of unlawful conduct of a child, possessing methamphetamine and resisting rarest.