CHARLOTTE, N.C. – One Charlotte babysitter has been arrested and another one is being investigated after children were harmed under their watch.

Two separate incidents that pose the same important question: Do you know who you’re leaving your kids with?

A 3-year-old boy left the emergency room at CMC-University after he mysteriously broke his leg under the care of a babysitter. Police are investigating the incident and the boy’s family hopes this serves as a cautionary tale for other parents.

‘I’m very angry. It’s my child, how do you hurt and lie to the parents’ face?” Kendra Morrison asked.

Morrison said she recently found a babysitter for her children on Facebook.

“She was a stranger, but I did go and meet her first before I let her start watching my kids,” Morrison said. “It’s like I gave her my trust up front and for this to happen, it’s just like a kick in the head.”

It wasn’t until after the sitter left that Kendra realized her 3-year-old son Ky was in serious pain. A trip to the ER revealed his leg was broken.

The 3-year-old later told his parents the sitter yanked him off a slide, crushing his leg.

“At this point, I’m in shock, I’m making phone calls trying to put two and two together,” Morrison said. “The babysitter, she hurt Ky. She broke his leg, she pulled him off the slide by his arm.”

Morrison filed a police report Sunday, which remains under investigation.

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At the same time across town in Freedom Park, police arrested 43-year-old Ivan Dawkins after he was caught sexually assaulting two young girls he was supposed to be watching.

Experts suggest running a background check on potential babysitters before hiring them. Some babysitting apps recently launched in the Charlotte area, like Platinum Sitters and Urban Sitter, do that for you.

Urban Sitter told NBC Charlotte they even check potential sitters’ social media pages and the sex offender registry, both things parents can do themselves from home.

“It’s going to be a whole trial before I get my next babysitter,” Morrison said.

Click here to view the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry

Click here to view the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry

You can learn more about obtaining a background check on someone by clicking here.

Experts with say it's even better if the sitter takes that initiative themselves.

"A proactive babysitter will run a background check on herself," they explain on their website, "and have it available for families to see during the interview process."