LANCASTER, S.C. -- A Lancaster school bus driver is being called a hero after she blocked a charging pit bull that got on her bus.

The incident happened along JB Denton Road in Lancaster County Wednesday morning.

A girl was approaching the bus when she was charged by the dog, who came out of the house next to hers.

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The school department said the girl swung her bag at the dog and ran onto the bus. The driver then closed the door behind her, but the pit bull still managed to charge onto the bus, where it bit the driver.

The driver was bitten on her right elbow but kept the dog from biting any of the students. Now, the dog is under a 10-day hold at the Lancaster Animal Shelter.

The incident remains under investigation and it is not known what will have to the owner of the dog or the dog itself. According to Lancaster County officials, the dog's fate will be determined by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The school department has not identified the driver or said what school the bus was going to.