CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As the summer season comes around the corner, car break-ins are already on the rise when compared to the same time period last year, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. 

"Well for one thing, it made me mad," said Debra Kizer. 

The 60-year-old woman who lives in West Charlotte is left wondering why her car was targeted by thieves. 

"It made me mad. It made me hard to see that someone came on my property and damaged my car," she said bluntly. 

On Wednesday night, Kizer said two men walked up her driveway and broke into her car. Her neighbors saw the hooded men, she added. 

When she went to grab lunch the next day, she realized she had been the latest car break-in victim. 

"I went to my car and when I looked, I saw my window on the ground, broken pieces on the ground," Kizer said. 

The crooks didn't steal anything, according to Kizer, but the damage to the ignition inside showed what they were truly after: the entire car. 

"They had the pieces everywhere on the floor," she said. "It made me want to go out and get them -- if I knew who it was."

Kizer is only the latest victim in what's become a growing problem in Charlotte. 

So far this year, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say thieves have targeted nearly 3,800 cars around the city. That’s up by a couple hundred compared to the same time period in 2018.

In just the past week, 16 cars have been broken into in Charlotte and within the last month 74 cars have been broken into. 

"I did everything! They tell us to take any valuables out of your car, lock all your doors - and I did that," Kizer explained.

For now she's stuck until she can get a tow company to tow her vehicle to a mechanic. 

"It's not driveable at all," she said.