HICKORY, N.C. — A daycare worker in Hickory is accused of misdemeanor child abuse after the father of a three-year-old claimed the worker locked his son in a bathroom for three hours while surveillance cameras recorded the incident.

According to a Hickory Police Department report, the incident happened last Friday at the Children's Academy #1 off 10th Ave. Dr. NE.

Tthe toddler's father, Craig Covington, showed NBC Charlotte a 45-second clip he obtained of the surveillance video, which appeared to show a woman picking up a child laying on his cot, taking him to a door within a classroom, placing the child down, and pushing him through the door.

Covington said cameras eventually recorded the worker shutting the door and leaving his son in a dark bathroom for three hours.

"It's my son. I'm supposed to save him," Covington said. "I was not there to save a voice calling for me to save him."

He said neither he nor his son's mother were told about the incident until several days later.

The police report confirmed officers weren't notified to file an incident report until five days later.

The daycare's director declined to talk on-camera.

She told NBC Charlotte over the phone the daycare reported the incident as soon as they found out about it, both to authorities and to parents.

She said the worker in this video, who Covington identified as Lynette West, has been fired.

Online court records matching West's name show she's been charged with misdemeanor child abuse.

Covington believed the daycare failed to quickly notify both him and police.

"It just hurt me watching my son sit there and be through the torture he was put through," Covington said. "No child deserves to be in the dark for three hours."

West is scheduled to appear in court on June 11 in Catawba County.