CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One year after a gunman ambushed officers at police headquarters in uptown, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department announced ongoing work to improve security.

NBC Charlotte also learned the officer shot in last year's attack, Officer Casey Shue, is now back to work.

Chief Kerr Putney described his response when he initially got the call.

“As we say, the first thing you hear is wrong, and I was praying that was the case,” he said.

However, body cam video of the incident showed it was all too real. The gunman was seen suddenly emerging and immediately opening fire. Officer Shue flinched and was hit.

“It was the first time ever we were under attack in our own home, so to speak,” Chief Putney said.

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One year later, he described the new security features at CMPD headquarters. For one, visitors are now required to buzz for entry.

“It’s a public building paid by taxpayers, but we have professional people who are sometimes the target working there, we are finding a good middle ground to keep our people safe,” said Chief Putney.

He said they're also spending money on other security enhancements. NBC Charlotte previously reported officers are encouraged to enter through a different, more secure location than the main entrance, a source within CMPD said.

“I'm not going to talk in great detail, but we are spending copious amounts of money,” said Chief Putney.

The gunman, Jonathan Bennett, was wanted for murdering his girlfriend at the time. He was shot and killed by officers on the scene who returned fire.