CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Runners are getting ready and so are police.

Streets around uptown are already closed off for the Charlotte Marathon Saturday morning.

So, what is Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department doing about security after several nationwide tragedies where crowds of people were targeted?

Police Chief Kerr Putney says there will be 400 officers at the race providing security. NBC Charlotte talked to people who are ready to run.

“I trust that we’ll be good to go,” says Carla Garrison Mattos, a marathon ambassador.

Mattos's faith is in police, while her focus is on the race. She’s one of the thousands running the marathon on Saturday.

“I always feel safe in every race, every time we turn a corner there’s a ton of officers helping to guide us and keeping a lookout,” she said.

“It’s best to put that stuff out of your mind, trust the Charlotte PD officers, and I’ve never felt unsafe,” said another runner.

Putney says the 400 officers on hand is not a dramatic spike compared to previous years, but they are mindful of the recent national tragedies involving large crowds.

“It’s roughly the same (number of officers), we do add a little cushion every year because of what’s going on nationally, but it’s been pretty consistent,” detailed Chief Putney.

“If we focus on it too much, it gets depressing and I don’t want to have that negativity on my mind,” Mattos said.

“Obviously awareness is always important but the main focus is on crossing the finish line,” says another runner.