ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Police departments in the Charlotte region are seeing a slight uptick in reports of customers passing counterfeit cash.

Rock Hill Police attributed the uptick in its jurisdiction to more money exchanging hands during the holiday season.

Detectives said some of the fake money looks realistic while others are glaringly obvious. One case involved cash with the phrase, "For Motion Picture Use Only," printed on the cash.

Counterfeiters are known for targeting the food service industry where cash rapidly changes hands from customers to servers.

Restaurant owner Jim Morasso warns his waiters to always be on their toes.

"Be aware in touching and feeling," Morasso advised. "Use your senses."

Rock Hill Police said detectives are trying to figure out whether the counterfeit cash is coming from one source or multiple sources.

Gastonia Police also reported multiple cases of suspects attempting to use counterfeit money at fast food restaurants.