ROCK HILL, S.C. -- There are crime concerns in Rock Hill after several recent murders in the area.

Within the past few days, there was a deadly shooting in York County and then another man killed in Rock Hill not far away.

Investigators don't believe the cases are related. The latest murder happened on East White Street on Monday afternoon.

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NBC Charlotte learned both the victim and suspect went for help to the daytime shelter, ROC, or Renew Our Community. ROC offers several programs, including for job training skills. The murder happened in the shelter’s parking lot just before it closed at 4 p.m.

“It’s unreal because we’re like a big old family here, we’re family,” said Donna Coley who attends the shelter.

In a single day, the shelter lost two familiar faces. Detectives charged 26-year-old Jayson Tucker with the murder of Antonio Roddey.

“There’s one son never coming home, another going to jail, and he’s never coming home either,” lamented Coley.

The seventh murder of the year in Rock Hill came just days after a deadly shooting not far away in York County. Deputies arrested a suspect for allegedly killing another man in Catawba on Friday. Late last month, a father of two was shot and killed while behind the wheel of his pickup truck.

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“I saw a hole in the truck and I walked around the other side and that’s when I saw him slumped over,” one man told NBC Charlotte at the time.

In September, there was a deadly domestic dispute in Rock Hill. A man allegedly stabbed a woman to death and then later began stabbing himself.

In the latest case, police said the two men had an argument earlier in the day before the murder. Shelter officials say the victim, a father of two, was trying to turn his life around.

“He had just begun to take our classes and we think we were just beginning to make some progress with him,” says Johnny Allen, an employee with ROC.

Tucker was in court on Tuesday where a judge denied his bond.