GASTONIA, N.C. (WCNC) - A former Gaston County teacher will not face any prison time after she admitted to having sex with one of her students.

Summer Sparrow entered into an agreement Tuesday morning to relinquish her North Carolina teaching license in exchange for District Attorney Locke Bell to defer prosecution for one year.

The agreement also bans her from entering any Gaston County school property or attending events with a large gathering of students except in limited circumstances.

If she abides by the guidelines of the year-long agreement, her charges would be dismissed.

Bell said the victim and his family wanted to quickly resolve the case.

"The young man now knows he won't have to get up on the stand and testify," Bell said. "He won't be subjected to being bombarded on cross-examination so it's a good resolution"

Sparrow was a teacher at Cherryville High School when she began communicating with the then-17-year-old victim last year on Snapchat, a social media app.

The conversation turned flirtatious, and they arranged to meet at a car wash right across the street from Cherryville's police station.

They then went to her house to have sex.

Both Bell and Sparrow's attorney, Travis Page, said she will no longer teach in any capacity.

"The internet is forever," Page said. "Once these stories are published, it undermines your credibility in the classroom."

While Sparrow is banned from county school property and events involving students, she can request permission from a probation officer to attend her child's graduation.

If she violates any of those terms, she could face 16 to 29 months in prison.

Page said if Sparrow's charges are dismissed one year from now, she could petition the court to have them expunged.