CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police is starting a new program to work with nonprofits and families from across the city in trying to decrease the violent crime rate.

At a news conference today, Chief Kerr Putney said the program would start in the Hidden Valley neighborhood, one of the most violent areas of the city.

"We need to fix people," Putney said. "We need to fix parents."

While Hidden Valley still faces occasional problems with violent crime, it is a far cry from a decade ago.

The Hidden Valley Community Association President Ella Williams welcomed the new CMPD initiative.

"We love it because we know that a stronger family makes a stronger community," Williams said.

But Hidden Valley resident William Mustafa said instead of telling people what they need, he wishes more people would listen to what residents believe they need.

"There are different needs that we have that no one is asking us about," Mustafa said. "So I'd like for them to sit down with us and find out what it is that we need."

Major Freda Lester who designed the program said the whole idea of the program is to listen to what people believe will help them.

"We are going to work to make them stable, to make them whole, and to bring services that can make a change for them," she said.

The first step will be a community-wide meeting in HIdden Valley. No date has been set yet for the meeting.