CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Security experts are weighing in on how to make your home safe after a NASCAR legend's home was broken into, despite having an alarm system.

Davidson County Sheriff's Office says three men were charged in connection with breaking into Richard Childress' North Carolina home.

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Police say they had three military-style weapons and didn't run after triggering the alarm.

However, the alarm woke Childress and his wife. Frightened, Childress grabbed a gun and fired shots.

"Thank God and our second amendment for us being able to have a firearm, own a firearm and protect our families," said Childress.

"That's the American way."

However, not all Americans own a gun and the experts at Armored Self Defense say there are other tools that should sit on your nightstand.

"First thing you want to do is reach for your cell phone and keys which you should always keep by your bed," said an expert.

The phone is to call to for help. The key is to help you get away but also to set off your car alarm.

"That way, if you hear someone breaking in, they start to hear things, they're already kind of panicky. They might escape and run away and leave you alone," the expert said.

If they don't leave, you will need to grab something to help you fight back.

"We have this very heavy candle," the expert said. "This glass piece could serve as an improvised weapon."

Alarm systems are the best thing you can do to arm your home but if the robber thinks you're not home then you might have to take other steps, like Childress, to scare them away.