CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- On Wednesday, NBC Charlotte received more than 100 complaints from viewers in our area about mail and packages that have been lost, delivered to the wrong place, seriously delayed or even damaged.

“One said it was delivered but it was delivered to the wrong city,” Michelle Margetts said, recalling her own experience. “I sent my son a birthday card he got it a month later.”

Most of the complaints we received come from Ballantyne, Indian Land and Fort Mill.

“We get informed delivery we find out every day what we're getting which is awesome except for when we go get the mail it's not there,” Waverly resident Katie Olejniczak said.

While some say they’ve been having these issues for months, major carriers are blaming it on the holiday season.

UPS says they’re shipping 40 million more packages than last December.

FedEx says they’re all running on all engines — literally. A FedEx plane full of deliveries is landing every 90 seconds.

As far as mail goes, USPS told NBC Charlotte in a statement: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will investigate immediately,” adding that they’re dealing with 15 billion pieces of mail right now.

But still.

“Everyone's reeling about it,” Olejniczak said.

“The biggest thing is just the length of time it's taking to get everything,” Margetts added.

Experts say ideally you should place all your online orders and send out your Christmas gifts and cards by Friday, December 15 if you want them to arrive by Christmas.

Monday, December 18 is the last day for Amazon standard shipping or UPS' three-day shipping.

You can see UPS shipping schedules and deadlines by clicking here.

If your USPS mail doesn’t arrive or is later than expected, you can submit a complaint or search for your item(s) here.