MINT HILL, N.C. -- Mint Hill police are trying to track down a suspect after a 16-year-old girl said a strange man chased her near her bus stop.

It happened early Monday morning on Buckskin Lane in Mint Hill.

“I see the car coming down the street and it goes into the cul-de-sac and it stops,” high school Junior Jada recalled. “I hear leaves, like stepping on leaves, he gets out the car and I turned around and I see him walking towards me so I start speed walking and then he starts running.”

Jada’s daily walk to the bus stop quickly turned into a nightmare.

She was alone but says she was able to outrun the man, sprinting through the woods to her bus stop.

“I run to the people at the bus stop and then he turned around,” she said.

She wasn’t able to get a good look at the suspect but she did notice he got out of a black sedan.

Now, police are looking for any clues that could help track him down.

“You never know who’s out there,” Jada’s mom Tammy said.

“I just want everyone to know in Mint Hill in the surrounding areas people standing out there in the mornings, be aware of your kids' surroundings make sure you get them to the bus stop. All I can think about is the what if. What if this had happened what if that would've happened?”

Police are urging the public to keep their eyes peeled and to call 911 if they ever see something or someone suspicious, especially near school bus stops.