CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's what you call a crime of canine proportions. Pets go missing every day but Ally Montier's beloved pugs, Coco Chanel and Valentino, didn't escape from her south Charlotte apartment on Saturday afternoon.

They were stolen.

For the love of Pug

Montier is originally from Brazil, moving to Charlotte to become a lawyer. She moved all by herself, leaving her family and friends behind in Brazil.

It didn't take long to realize she needed some four-legged friends. Ally said she always had an affinity for the wrinkly-skinned pug so she bought two.

"They are my family here, the only thing I have," she told NBC Charlotte.

Coco Chanel and Valentino are one-of-a-kind dogs who have forged a one-of-a-kind bond. Valentino has a history of seizures but Montier said they happen less when Coco is around.

"The names are fancy but they are not fancy at all," said Montier. "They can be a mess!"

Ally is so dedicated to her dogs, she even has a security camera inside of her home so she can check on them during the day. The camera is motion-activated, so it notifies her phone when the dogs move around.

Occasionally, she turns the camera off so her phone doesn't go off so much at work. This past Saturday just happened to be one of those days.

The Canine Culprits

On Saturday afternoon around 3 p.m., Montier received a call alerting her that Valentino was dropped off at a local PetSmart.

Montier was floored, why would a dog who doesn't leave her side and be at PetSmart? And where is Coco Chanel?

She turned on her camera and realized something wasn't right, she immediately went home and saw that pug-poachers had taken Valentino, Coco Chanel and around $3,000 worth of electronics.

The camera Ally uses to check in on her dogs?

"They unplugged it and threw it on the floor."

The electronics can be replaced but Montier's beloved babies are priceless.

"People can think that 'oh, it's just a dog,'" Montier said. "Maybe for them. But for me, she is my daughter. They are everything I have."

"I'm suffering," she added.

Unable to eat or sleep soundly, Ally has asked for help online, receiving more than 1,000 shares on her Facebook post.

Montier feels fortunate to have Valentino home but said her family isn't complete without Coco and she has a passionate please for the pug-poaching thief.

"The dog is everything I have, please bring my girl back! We miss her so much."