HICKORY, N.C. -- Hickory Police are asking for the public's help to identify a porch pirate suspect.

Police said a home surveillance camera captured a man stealing $60 worth of cat food in a package that was left on a front porch back on February 24.

It's the latest in a crime happening on the front doorsteps of homes throughout our region; many happen right during the holidays.

Laura Williams said a thief stole two Christmas gifts from her front door right before the holiday back in 2016, and she caught it on her home surveillance video.

"I can't believe that they're getting out of their car, coming up and taking something off the front of my porch, and just driving off," Williams said as she watched the video. "Who does that?"

Experts suggest people should have their packages delivered to their workplace or specify a time when they'll be home to receive them.

Anyone with information on the Hickory theft can call police at 828-328-5551.