CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We saw all kinds of illegal stunts pulled on dirt bikes, ATVs, and motorcycles last year during the riots in uptown Charlotte.

On Tuesday, NBC Charlotte received the dash cam video of these “midnight riders” pulling stunts and popping wheelies on Brookshire Boulevard.

So, what are you supposed to do if you cross paths with the dangerous daredevils?

“Obviously, slow your speed and stay away from them,” said Tim Aycock with Matthews Police, explaining that you should call 911 if you see them.

Reckless driving is a felony that could land you behind bars, which is a better alternative than what Aycock predicts could happen.

“If one of them crashes, it could have a domino effect and that would be bad,” he said.

Aycock has stern advice for parents who are quick to light a fuse.

“We just hope people that have a tendency to have road rage issues don’t try to influence their decision to do something crazy like this,” he said.