A Kentucky woman sobbed as she was interrogated.

She was accused and later convicted of slicing her golden retriever with a razor blade on three separate occasions back in 2014, to get the drug tramadol.

The Center for Disease Control estimates 78 people overdose each day on painkillers.

And some abusers are going great lengths to get their high.

“A lot of these owners will unfortunately use their pets as pawns to get these medications,” said Veterinarian Jay Hreiz, owner of Ebenezer Animal Hospital in Rock Hill.

Hreiz said he’s seen it happen on more than one occasion.

“They’ll make up excuses like, they lost the medication, or they’re going on a cruise and suddenly it vanished and they need more before they leave. And they make it an urgent matter,” he explained.

Hreiz said the Carolinas are working to create specialized data bases to help medical professionals identify abusers.

And right now vets required to keep a very detailed account of every pill that leaves their practice.

“You have to pick up on the fact that some of those people are abusing them a lot,” Hreiz said.

At this time there is no conclusive data on how often pet medication is abused.