CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department DWI Task Force is making a big change, but it won’t be easy for drivers to spot. The group has fully transitioned from marked vehicles to unmarked vehicles.

“They don’t know where the cops are now,” said Sgt. David Sloan with the Major Crash Investigations Unit. “Might put the fear of drinking and driving in them.”

Police emphasize the goal is always to prevent drivers from ever getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. But the task force says operating entirely out of unmarked cars will make the job a lot easier.

Sgt. Sloan tells NBC Charlotte some of the officers have had their unmarked vehicles for a few weeks now, and the arrests came easy.

“He was on the interstate and he said, as soon as he got to work, an impaired driver flew by him on the interstate speeding. Stopped him, took him to jail. Came back out. As soon as he got back out on the road, the next car that passed him on the interstate, he pulled over for speeding. Impaired driver as well,” said Sgt. Sloan.

The task force had marked vehicles for the last four years. They now have six unmarked vehicles out on the streets.