MOORESVILLE, N.C. – A father was badly beaten in a case of road rage. His story sparking frightening questions about safety on the road.

He posted pictures of his injuries on Facebook saying he was unexpectedly attacked while driving in Mooresville.

The father says he thinks the other driver was angry because he didn’t let him cut in front on I-77. He says he was brutally attacked with his children right there, near Highway 150 and Highway 21 in Mooresville.
Brock says he needed reconstructive surgery after he was attacked during the case of road rage.

Marcy Klepfer works at the Little Caesars near where it happened.

“Road rage happens all the time,. But for it to get that extreme, that's out of control,” she said.

Brock says the situation escalated after he didn’t let the other car in front of him on I-77.

The man began screaming from his car, then swerving into his lane. Near Highway 150 and Highway 21, Brock got out to talk to the man about endangering his children.

Then he says he walked back toward his car, turned around, and was hit in the face.

“That’s a shame that somebody could even do that in front of somebody's children,” says Klepfer.

Brock says he needed a new eye socket, metal plates in his cheek, and a couple weeks later he still can’t feel his face. He says he believes the other driver’s vehicle was a blue Mazda CX-3.

Brock posted on Facebook that he hopes someone has information about the other driver and passes it along to authorities.