MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- A father is struggling to recover following a brutal case of road rage.

NBC Charlotte first told you about Brock Allender’s case in August. He needed facial reconstructive surgery, after a stranger beat him up in Mooresville.

The victim says one of his biggest concerns is that the suspect is still out there because no arrests have been made. He says that’s a danger to everyone on the road.

Brock Allender’s face needed three titanium plates and a replacement eye socket. He says his children’s innocence has been shattered.

“Now, they understand the world is not a safe place,” Allender told NBC Charlotte.

Allender’s three children ages four, six, and eight, saw him brutally beaten.

“Explain it as, ‘There was an angry man on the side of the road, dadda should have called the cops’,” says Allender.

He says it all started on I-77 near exit 34.

“Someone pulled up next to me and started yelling at me,” says Allender.

Then he says that other driver abruptly cut him off, forcing him to lock his brakes and nearly hitting a concrete wall. A short time later, both drivers were stopped at a red light in Mooresville. That’s when Brock walked over to the other car.

“I said, ‘Look man you just about killed a whole family back there and widowed my wife, and he said, ‘You need to learn how to drive’,” says Allender.

Allender turned back to his car to call police.

“I heard his wife’s voice, ‘No, no, no, and (I) got hit,” says Allender. “He was basically wind milling, he hit me four or five times before I caught myself.”

His children who watched it happen are in therapy for the emotional pain. Meanwhile, weeks after surgery he’s still dealing with the physical injuries.

“It physically causes me pain to smile,” says Allender.

Now, he’s thinking about other families on the road.

“Most of my fear is for everybody else on the road after that, someone gets away with that, they are more than likely to do it again,” he said.

Brock says his hospital bills totaled about $100,000. He says next time he would do what police recommend and not get out of the car.