CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It wasn’t a typical welcome home or start to a vacation for passengers boarding American Airlines Flight 5119.

Instead, they were greeted by the FBI and bomb-sniffing dogs and were forced to evacuate the aircraft.

“They came over the intercom and told us we needed to leave all of our belongings on the plane and we needed to exit the plane,” passenger Amanda Black said.

“Never had to get off the plane in the middle of the runway and not be told what’s happening,” Jawhar Jones said.

The flight took off from Charlotte and landed in Myrtle Beach Monday afternoon.

Someone reported seeing a suspicious package inside one of the plane’s restrooms, with no indication of who left it there.

According to the FBI, that suspicious package turned out to be an electronic children’s toy.

Two weeks ago, a stun gun disguised as a cell phone was discovered on a flight from San Francisco to Charlotte.

“If something like that gets through. You just wonder what else is getting through the system,” one flyer said.

Last week, TSA announced it confiscated 96 guns across the nation tucked away in carry-on bags, most of them loaded.