CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The FBI is reviewing surveillance camera video that appears to show a man toss a something into a dumpster and driving off in a car belonging to 19-year old Ashanti Billie.

Days after that surveillance camera footage was taken, Billie’s body was found on the ground behind the East Stonewall AME Zion Church on Griers Grove Road on Charlotte’s west side.

The surveillance video was obtained by WCNC’s sister station in Norfolk.

The FBI Norfolk office has a copy of it and agreed the video could be made public without hurting the investigation.

Ashanti Billie was last seen September 18 as her car passed through the gate to the Naval Station in Norfolk where she worked at a sandwich shop.

However, she never reported for work that morning.

Instead, her car is later seen leaving the gate but it is impossible to see if there was more than one person in the car or identify the driver.

After the car again appears on video at the dumpster there is no other reported sighting until it is found abandoned on a side street in Norfolk.

In an attempt to see if the car was possibly used to bring Ashanti Billie to Charlotte, FBI agents from Norfolk came to Charlotte last weekend.

They passed out flyers with a photo of Ashanti and her car, asking residents and businesses near Griers Grove Road if they remembered seeing the vehicle.

The FBI is asking anyone in the area to check surveillance cameras to see if the vehicle was captured on camera.

The FBI is not commenting on the video of the man at the dumpster saying it is evidence in the case.

There is no information on who the man is or how he came to be in Billie’s car.

If anyone has any information on the case there is a $10,000 reward available from the FBI. Call the FBI Norfolk office at 757-455-0100, the Charlotte FBI Office, or CMPD.