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Former SC sheriff denied bond, ordered to prison

Alex Underwood was convicted of multiple charges in 2021 and will begin his prison sentence this month.

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. — Former Chester County Sheriff Alex "Big A" Underwood has been ordered to go to prison for crimes he was convicted of in April 2021.

Underwood was seeking to be granted bail while he appeals his multiple convictions. However, a federal judge denied his request on Wednesday and ordered Underwood to serve his prison sentence starting Oct. 14. 

Underwood was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison on July 11 and was ordered to pay around $30,000 in restitution. 

Underwood was convicted last year for the crimes. The FBI said Underwood created a false police report to jail a man for three days for no reason, skimmed overtime pay meant for his deputies and used taxpayer money to fly first-class to a conference in Las Vegas with his wife. 

A jury found him guilty of conspiracy, wire fraud, deprivation of rights and federal program theft. 

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Two letters were written to a judge in support of Underwood's character. Underwood is expected to receive up to five years in federal prison. 

Two others who were charged with Underwood in the case, Robert Sprouse and Johnny Richard Neal Jr. Sprouse received a 24-month sentence, meanwhile, Neal received a 46-month sentence.

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Underwood is one of 13 sheriffs in South Carolina's 46 counties to be convicted of crimes since 2010. Five of the 12 sentenced before Underwood received prison time. 

Court records state Underwood must be imprisoned at a facility outside of South Carolina.

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