MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- Myrtle Beach is one of the top beach getaways for those in and around Charlotte.

And in the most recent shooting, broadcast live on Facebook, two local men from Iredell County found themselves in the middle of a gunfight.

This weekend, police say a teen fired into a crowd of people on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach. One of the gunmen reportedly carjacked two local men just driving around, according to the Hickory Daily Record.They were forced out at gunpoint, as the shooter sped off. Luckily, no fatalities but eight people were injured in the shootout.

“I’m tired of seeing it because it’s a lot of senseless violence,” said Anthony Mims. Mims is from Spartanburg and has vacationed at Myrtle Beach several times.

This weekend’s shooting shedding light to what seems to be a growing issue. The last time beachgoers saw an incident like this was three years ago during Memorial Day Weekend. In just 48 hours, police say there were eight shootings, two people died.

“It just really makes you reconsider where you vacation, said Kaire Williams. Williams is from Columbia, S.C. and has family who lives at the beach. “You don’t want to go somewhere where actions like that happen.”

The recent crimes prompting the state’s top leader to step in. A spokesman for the governor’s office tells us last night, Gov. McMaster called the state police chief to arrange a meeting in Myrtle Beach.

The Governor, SLED Chief Mark Keel and Myrtle Beach law enforcement will meet Thursday to discuss plans to increase safety measures in the Grand Strand area.

“I think that will help because five shootings in 72 hours is ridiculous,” said Williams. “Anything that can help is needed and is better than us just sitting around and watching it.”