CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A woman’s car was damaged in a recent case of road rage on I-77.

The woman told NBC Charlotte another driver threw something at her car. It happened around 3 p.m. Tuesday near Tyvola Road.

It’s just the latest case of road rage in the Queen City.

In the latest case, Linda Ortiz said she had to slam her brakes for a truck in front of her as she was merging onto I-77. Ortiz believes the driver behind her didn’t like that and they showed it.

“I cannot believe some people cannot control their anger,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz said she didn’t know what made the noise on her car at first. She said she then saw the driver who had been behind her.

“So I got up beside of her and she said, ‘Yeah threw that you ***,’ and I wrote down her license tag,” Ortiz said.

Just days priors to this incident, police released surveillance images in a violent crime on the road. Investigators say a suspect shot a man after the suspect rear-ended the victim.

“A lot of cameras around, I don’t know how people get away with that anymore,” a nearby business owner said.

Ortiz says there was about $200 in damage to her car. Now, she is asking drivers to think twice before losing their temper.

“Why would you want to hurt me on something I never even tried to hurt you on?” Ortiz said.

Police say there have not been any arrests made, but it is an active investigation.

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