The community is shocked, reeling and looking for answers after Boise Police exchanged gunfire with a man who they say killed a dog and threatened anyone who came within earshot.

A woman who was in the Hulls Gulch area when the shooting happened on Saturday morning talked with KTVB to give us a first-person account of what she heard and saw.

"It was really hard to watch," said Stacy Ennis, who hikes the foothills regularly.

Ennis and her friend heard the first shot fired Saturday.

"We stopped and I looked down and I saw a man in a firing position," said Ennis.

The man was some distance away and difficult to make out. Then, they heard another gun shot.

"There was a dog that yelped in pain and ran away really really fast, sprinted away," said Ennis. "Then I heard a man yell 'what are you doing?'"

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Ennis and her friend ran until they found a woman with a cell phone to call for help.

"While that was happening we saw a man fleeing up the foothills and I thought it was the shooter but it actually turned out to be the dog owner," she said. "He was yelling frantically saying 'call 911.'"

They told him police were coming and asked if he was injured.

"He said 'no, someone is shooting my dog'," said Ennis.

Knowing the suspect was still on the loose, Ennis went to alert others.

"My friend and I ran back and we just warned everyone on the trail," she said. "I literally went up to every single person and looked them in the eye and said get out of here."

Dozens of people joined the cause and canvassed the area. Ennis ended up at the Foothills Learning Center where she talked with police.

"The woman police officer said we're negotiating with him right now," said Ennis. About a second later I heard someone say 'oh no' and then heard several gunshots. At that point I was like let's get out of here."

She found out later the suspect had died in a shootout with Boise police officers.

"It was a freak incident and not how things are here," said Ennis.

Ennis says her heart goes out to the family that lost their dog, a vizsla named Moses. Understandably wanting some privacy right now, Ennis tells us the family is overwhelmed by the community's support.

"I think that's really neat that everyone has shown them so much love," said Ennis.

Ennis says she will not let what happened change her relationship with the foothills. She says it's a place that is close to her heart and like so many others that hit the trails on Sunday, Ennis says she will be back soon as well.

The suspect's name still has not been released. The Boise Police Department on Sunday released the names of the six officers who fired their duty weapons:

-Officer Eric Johnson, 14 years with BPD

-Officer Robert Johnson, 11 years with BPD

-Officer Andrew Johnson, 16 years with BPD

-Officer Chris Zimmer, 4 years with BPD

-Officer Chris Wirshing, 10 years with BPD

-Officer Tyjuan Lynn, 1 year with BPD

No officers were hurt in the shooting. The Ada County Critical Task Force is investigating.