The people who live in a west Charlotte apartment complex are on high alert after two people were robbed at gunpoint this week.

The latest robbery happened around 10 p.m. Tuesday. The victim says she was aware of her surroundings as she was walking from the parking lot into her apartment but never suspected anything because her attackers had a kid with them.

"It was really traumatic,” said the victim, who wanted to keep her identity private.

It’s the second armed robbery there in the span of three days.

"I’m never going to feel safe where I live,” she said.

The first robbery happened on Sunday around 3 p.m.

“The hardest part is it's not really a time of day when you would need to be extra aware,” that victim said. 

She had her hands full of groceries when she noticed someone following her as she walked up to her apartment. They pulled out a gun, and demanded her purse.

The second victim hadn't even heard what happened. She says she's always aware of her surroundings but didn't think she had any reason to be worried when she saw her attackers.

“They had a 10-year-old kid with them, it was a family so I didn't feel unsafe, I just kept walking towards them,” she says. 

That’s when the two adults ran toward her with a gun. They took her phone, purse, jewelry and even the food she was carrying.

Now, she says she'll never walk alone.

"Even if it looks like they're nice people, because I thought it was a nice family, you never know," she said. "Because this was the opposite of nice."

NBC Charlotte reached out to the apartment complex to see if any changes will be made to security in light of all of the robberies, but haven't heard back.


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