UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- A local family remains on edge after their son was threatened by another student at school.

“Our son was told by other students, that this kid had a knife on campus. And that he wanted to slit his throat,” Cory and Brandi Burke explained.

The Burkes are in the middle of a parent’s worst nightmare.

“I wish I could snap my fingers and everyone be safe in the school,” Brandi said.

For two weeks they’ve been worrying about their son Parker’s safety, every since his classmate brought a knife to Porter Ridge Middle School. Parker said the student threatened him.

“I was mostly just scared. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do,” the eighth-grader explained.

Union County Schools told NBC Charlotte the student was suspended. But Parker’s parents don’t believe that is punishment enough.

“I think an action should be taken even up to expulsion. Is our child’s life not important to the district enough?”

The Union County Sheriff’s Office said there was no direct threat to their son, but instead of thinking about girls and what to be for Halloween, Parker said he’s been thinking about his safety at school

“I don’t want him going to Porter Ridge Middle,” he said, referring to his classmate.

The Burkes are calling on the school district to implement changes to its code of conduct and to expel their son’s classmate.

“It is not enough because my child’s life is worth fighting for,” Brandi said.

School officials said the student who brought the knife was suspended for five days and is the son of a local teacher.