CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A judge ordered Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police to release body cam video Thursday from police officers who were involved in the shooting and killing of a man earlier this month even though the investigation of that shooting is still open.

Rueben Galindo was shot and killed September 6 after officers found him armed outside in the parking lot of the Hunters Pointe apartment complex off Sugar Creek Road.

Galindo himself had actually called 911 earlier saying he had a gun and requested a Spanish-speaking officer.

In court Thursday, lawyers for the two officers involved in the shooting argued against releasing the body cam video, saying it could prejudice the selection of jurors should the case ever go to trial.

Michael Greene, who represents one of the officers, said after the ruling, “Obviously, we wish that it would not be released at this time, but we respect the decision of the court."

Hector Vaca from a group called Action NC that had requested the tape’s release said it would help Galindo’s family and the community understand what had happened.

Said Vaca, “Its never a problem when the truth comes out. Its never a problem because videos are impartial.”

The judge ordered the video to be released next Friday, October 6, after it is first shared with Galindo’s family.