KANNAPOLIS, N.C. - Kannapolis Police are looking for a thief that broke into a drug store and stole meds. Moose pharmacy has only had 1 other break-in in the last seven years.

Pharmacist James Bowman says they strategically lock away narcotic medication and their safety protocols held up.

"If they do break-in, they're left scrambling trying to find what they can," he said.

The thief did get something.

"They got a few things of concern, but for the most part it was some blood pressure medicine, some heart medicine and a lot of things that didn't make sense," Bowman explained.

"They even got some generic Viagara, you could tell they really didn't know what they were looking for when they came in," he said.

North Carolina ranks seventh in the nation for drug store robberies. That is down from fourth place in 2015.

According to the DEA, drug store robberies and burglaries are slightly down, however some pharmacists are concern efforts to crackdown on the opiate crisis could send users to their doors.

"As doctors and providers prescribe less and less of the opioids that could be a potential concern, as they won't have the accessibility to the pain medicines that they once have," Bowman said.

Last week crooks held up the Giant Genie Pharmacy in Charlotte. Police say they stole narcotic pain medication. A customer was grazed as they opened fire in the parking lot.

Pharmacists are now tracking these incidents with a website called RXPatrol.com. As of August 17, there have been 4,420 robberies and 2,257 burglaries across the country.

Pharmacists share tips and tricks to keep thieves away.

"Definitely a community approach to try to maintain safety and security, "Bowman said.

Investigators have yet to make an arrest in the Moose Pharmacy burglary. Anyone with information is asked to contact Kannapolis Police.