UNION COUNTY, N.C. – A local realtor was hospitalized and forced to have her stomach pumped after a toxicology screening found traces of the date rape drug in her water bottle.

Police say the incident occurred at a new subdivision in Union County. As a result of the incident, the real estate company sent out a warning painting an eerie picture of what may have happened to a sales rep on the job.

The letter says a customer was “acting suspicious” while visiting a model home on two separate occasions, each time leaving quickly at the sign of another client. The second time around, the customer was spotted near the realtor’s desk — during a showing.

“Obviously concerned over the idea that someone may have planted or placed some unknown substance in a drink,” said Tony Underwood with the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The warning goes on to say that the realtor drank from her water bottle that was left on the desk unattended. Within 20 minutes, her heart started racing, legs went numb, and she was taken to the hospital. According to the letter, a toxicology screening of her bottle found traces of the date rape drug.

Officials didn’t confirm those details, but the police report says the suspect’s weapon of choice was drugs.

“My initial reaction is ‘oh my gosh, is she okay?’ My second reaction is ‘what do you do?’” Erin Gary said.

That’s a question Gary at Rubec Properties faces daily. She works in real estate and has shown model homes alone, but when she heard about this, she was concerned.

“Extremely scary because if you’re a sales rep and you’re the only person there and someone drugs you, you’re talking about a rather large home that has multiple hiding spots,” Gary said. “Closets, rooms that are secluded where no one can hear you and anything can happen.”

As detectives investigate, police say keep these tips in mind no matter where you are.

“It’s always helpful to have contacts nearby, cell phone nearby, let someone know where you are and certainly need to know your surroundings and take extra precautions to protect yourself,” Underwood said.