CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte homeowner is charged with shooting a man outside of his Madison Park home Wednesday morning.

Robert Campbell, 55, is facing one charge of Assault with a Deadly Weapon for shooting John Tchendo, 42, near his Stacy Blvd home around 7 a.m..

"It sounded like somebody pulling a trash can," said neighbor Lila Fry. "Then I heard the shot," she explained. "Nothing like that has ever happened around here," Fry declared.

Neighbors say Tchendo had made threats and harassed Campbell, prompting him to file a police report Sunday. According to the report, Campbell told officers he was told he would be shot or beat up.

"The man that was shot was kind of lurking around the neighborhood and the problems sort of escalated in the last few days," said neighbor Aaron Ceigler. "They put a 'no trespassing' sign up yesterday, and I guess the guy was trespassing," he said.

Tchendo has faced trespassing and communicating threats charges in the past, but a long time friend of Campbell tells NBC Charlotte things weren't always so strained between the two men. He says Tchendo is homeless and Campbell allowed him to store his bike in his garage until he started to notice items missing.

Campbell's bail is set at $100,000. Tchendo is being treated at Carolina Medical Center for his gun shot wound.