CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Two neighborhoods are on alert after a frightening break in following several peeping Tom cases.

Detectives tell us the latest case involved a suspect breaking into a woman’s home and making inappropriate sexual remarks.

It happened near Peach Park Lane and Crandon in north Charlotte. That’s the same area as several peeping Tom cases from over the summer.

Detectives investigating the crimes tell NBC Charlotte they believe the peeping Tom cases are connected to the home break in.

People all around the area are on alert. On Thursday, NBC Charlotte saw an example of that firsthand.

NBC Charlotte got video of a suspicious man in a winter coat with gloves on in 80 degree weather near Slater Springs Drive.

Jessie Beam, a maintenance worker in the neighborhood, pointed the man out. She says he was wandering the area before fiddling with someone’s garden hose.

“He was hiding behind my truck,” says Beam.

It happened in an area of north Charlotte that’s already on alert.

“We see anything strange, we need to let each other know and contact police,” says neighbor, Sylvia Phillips.
It comes after a frightening crime not far away.

Early Friday morning, police say a suspect broke into a woman’s home near Peach Park and Crandon and made inappropriate sexual remarks. She used a chemical irritant to get him to leave. However, now some neighbors are looking to leave the area for good.

“We just don’t feel safe anymore,” says neighbor, Nicole Herring.

In June, NBC Charlotte reported on peeping Tom cases in the nearby Slater Ridge neighborhood. One woman, who asked her face be hidden, woke up to a man fondling her in her bed.

“What was he going to do to me that night? Was he going to kill me and leave me here by myself?,” she said.

The suspicious man caught on camera by NBC Charlotte left before police arrived.

They searched for him, saying he’s considered suspicious. However, they don’t believe he’s the suspect in the latest crimes.

Police say they are following leads, but so far there are no arrests.