NASHVILLE, North Carolina — (AP) — A man accused of killing his wife is back in North Carolina to face a murder charge after being captured days ago in Arizona.

WRAL-TV showed footage of 57-year-old Rexford Lynn Keel Jr. stepping off a plane in handcuffs Friday in North Carolina. He was driven away in an unmarked car.

Keel was arrested Sunday in Arizona on an arrest warrant accusing him killing his 38-year-old wife.

Diana Alejandra Keel had gone missing March 9. Her body was found in another county. Nash County, North Carolina, Sheriff Keith Stone has said and it appears she died of multiple stab wounds.

Stone also wants to take a closer look at the death of Keel's first wife in 2006, which was then ruled an accidental fall.

March 22, Keel was transported back to Nash County from Arizona. In a news conference, Stone said Keel did not make any comments on the allegations to him. 

Officials say there is a key piece of evidence, but they do not want to elaborate on it at this time. 

Keel was not armed when he was found, arrested in Arizona in connection with his wife's death, Nash County officials say.

Officials say he was staying with his parents prior to fleeing, and left for Arizona in his parents' pick-up truck. Keel told Sheriff Stone that he stopped periodically, and drove 65 miles per hour the whole way for three days. 

Sheriff Stone said he knew Keel before the case, as he worked at the gun store. Stone did not know him well, but he said it was surprising nonetheless.