CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. -- A Chesterfield father was ambushed, handcuffed and pistol-whipped by a pair of armed robbers who were lying in wait in the bushes outside of his home Thursday morning.

According to Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks, the 37-year-old man left his home and was heading to the gym and work around 4:30 a.m.

Before he was able to get to his car, two men wearing ski masks and gloves attacked him.

The robbers held the victim at gunpoint and started shouting, "take us to the guns," the sheriff says.

The man obliged and walked the two thieves to the detached garage around the side of his home.

According to the sheriff, the victim opened a safe where the thieves discovered hundreds of firearms.

Brooks said the victim is a federally licensed firearms dealer who was authorized to buy, receive and sell a wide variety of weapons.

Brooks says the two robbers tied the victim up with duct tape and handcuffs, then pistol-whipped him on the top of the head.

As the men were loading dozens of handguns into bags, they reportedly noticed a box in the safe with tens of thousands of dollars in it.

Brooks says the men dropped the guns, took the cash and took off.

Authorities believe the pair had an accomplice waiting in a getaway car nearby.

The sheriff says he believes the victim was targeted intentionally. He is expected to make a full recovery. His wife and 4-year-old son who were in the home at the time were unharmed.

No arrests have been made.

SLED is assisting with the investigation.