YORK COUNTY, S.C. - A family pet went missing from a York County home last week, but the dog returned with holes in his paws and broken bones.

The owners believe the dog was tortured.

“I cry every time I look at her, said Armanda Bruce. “I mean, it hurts.”

The Bruce family have owned Diamond since birth. She went missing from their Chester Highway home on Wednesday.

The next day, Diamond returned home. She could barely walk.

“She just fell,” said Bruce. She was covered in blood. She had bite marks all over her back legs. Her back leg was swollen, and she had markings under her jaw and beside her eyes.”

Bruce called police and took Diamond to the vet. The injuries were so bad, the doctor told her she either had to put Diamond to sleep or go through surgery.

“That’s my child and I wasn’t putting my child to sleep,” Bruce said.

X-rays shows the dogs hip bone fractured and the femur bone broken in half.

Tuesday, doctors at Palmetto Veterinary in McConnells, South Carolina amputated her leg. The procedure cost about $600. The Animal Humane Society and another organization in York County donated $500.

“We couldn’t just let this heal. That would be inhumane,” said Melissa McCloud. McCloud is a technician at the hospital. “It was going to have something done, whether it was going to a specialist getting multiple plates, trying to get it to stay.”

The vet will hold Diamond for a few weeks after the surgery is completed. She’s expected to make a full recovery in a month.

The injuries were reported to York County deputies, who are now investigating this as an animal cruelty case. They already have open cases of dog fighting claims in the area.

The Bruce family believes someone in the neighborhood is torturing pets, the same thing happened to their neighbors’ dogs.

“They beat our dog, literally,” one neighbor told NBC Charlotte. “To the point where we had to put him down and traumatized our puppy. Broke his leg, had a cast and a big disc around his head.”

“Animal cruelty is wrong, said Bruce. “My dog is my family. My dog is my child.”