CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police are searching for three men who robbed and kidnapped a Myers Park mother at gunpoint as her 12-year-old son slept just a few feet away.

“When we came back from the gym there was 10 police cars and an ambulance so we knew something had happened,” neighbor Todd Fishman explained.

Around 5 a.m. Thursday morning, Fishman and his wife had just pulled out their driveway when he noticed something odd.

“There was a car here that was out of place,” he recalled.

Fishman believes that car belonged to the three men who broke into his neighbor’s Myers Park home and robbed the 38-year-old mother at gun point.

According to a police report they stole an engagement and wedding ring, iPhone, GoPro, and hundreds in cash.

Her 12-year-old son was asleep in another room.

Next police say the men forced the woman into their car and drove her to a nearby ATM.

Fishman said he heard a strange noise outside his house about an hour before his neighbors break in was reported.

“They were checking every house,” he said.

Neighbors on this quiet block say this kind of thing is completely out of the ordinary.

“It’s frightening and we have to be more vigilant,” Fishman said.

He is relieved their neighbor survived this frightening ordeal.

“I’m sure she’s a little traumatized as I think anyone would be.”

Police said the mother was returned unharmed.

The men are traveling in what’s described as a 90s green or purple four door car.

If you have information call Crimestoppers at 704 334-1600.