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New surveillance video shows suspect in January murder

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police released new surveillance video after a man was murdered inside a car outside a southwest Charlotte convenience store on January 19.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are hoping the walk will help solve a mystery murder.

CMPD released new video Wednesday of a suspect in the January murder of Yama Fluker. Fluker was gunned down in his car in front of a convenience store on Toomey Avenue in Charlotte.

Although police have surveillance video of the crime, they haven't used much of it until now. The new video shows a suspect approach Fluker's parked vehicle, open a door and then quickly leave.

Although there are edits in the newly released video, it appears that the suspect might have harmed Fluker, then quickly left. Fluker was found dead in the vehicle after the video was taken.

It hurts because we were close and tight, said Fluker's brother Louis Miller.

Miller asked for the public's help in finding his brother's killer. He was very protective of his family, especially his mother and his son. Everyone in his circle really. He loved everybody, he said.

Miller spoke about his brother's commitment to his family. He pleaded with the public to come forward if they knew anything about Fluker's murder.

Who's next? Who's next? he asked. Police hope anyone who watches the video will recognize the walk of the person approaching Fluker's car.

We believe if you know someone, the longer you see them moving and walking, you'll be able to recognize the person if you know them, said Detective Jacqueline King, who is heading the investigation for CMPD.